LED Worklite ATEX II 2 GD

LED Worklite ATEX II 2 GD



ATEX LED worklite

High power ATEX LED worklite with perpetual life (no bulb replacement required).
Long duration autonomy, up to 21h at maximum power and 40h at medium power. Sturdy stainless steel body. Swivel head. Hardened glass lens with optional disposable protector.
High capacity rechargeable battery and LED charging status indicator.



Reference WL-80 WL-85
Description High power rechargeable battery Worklite 18 LED
Code II 2 GD Ex e ib mb op is IIC T4 Gb Ex tb o pis IIIC T135ºC Db
Zones 1-2-21-22
Certificate SIRA 07ATEX3027X, IECEX SIR.18.0028X
Material Stainless steel with aluminium LED lamp head. Toughened glass lens supplied with 3 antistatic lens guards
Beam Spot beam with a flood of low level fringe light
Light source 18 LED / Up to 3100 lm
Life +100.000 hrs (fitted for life)
Power source W-218: rechargeable 12V battery, 18Ah. Up to 500 recharge cycles W-235: rechargeable 12V battery, 35Ah. Up to 500 recharge cycles
Light Duration Up to 15hrs (high) / 22hrs (low) Up to 21hrs (high) / 40hrs (low)
Weight 16,5 kg 23 kg
Charger input 100-254 VAC
Recharge Time 8 hrs 12 hrs

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