Portable fluorescent LL-500 ATEX II 2 GD

Portable fluorescent ATEX II 2 GD



ATEX portable fluorescent

ATEX portable fluorescent with sockets / plugs for connection in series. Compact and robust design.
Standard fluorescents for easy replacement, versions of 2 or 4 lamps.
Support accessoriesavailable.

Emergency version available on request.


2 x 36W 180° or 4 x 36W 360°
Light intensity at 2.5m: 190 lux
Light intensity at 5m: 50 lux
Portable fluorescent LL-500 ATEX II 2 GD


Reference LL-500
Description ATEX portable fluorescent lamp
Certification ATEX II 2 GD Ex emb IIC T3/4 IP66/67/68
Zones 1-2-21-22
Certificate SIRA08ATEX3098
Material Polycarbonate lens with electrostatic treatment
Light beam Diffuse, white, high efficiency, no dazzle
Light source 2G11 CFL standard compact fluorescent / T8 fluorescent lamps
Light source life Up to 10000 hours
Power 2x18w 2x36w 4x36w 2×55/58w 4×55/58w
Consuption 32w 62w 124w 92w 184w
Light intensity 2400lm 5800lm 11600lm 9600lm 19200lm
Voltage 220-254V AC/DC ±10%
110-130V AC/DC ±10%
42 – 52V AC/DC
24 – 28V AC/DC
Power supply Batteries LR20/R20 4×1.5V
Length 0,43m 0,58m 0,82m 0,78m 0,94m
Weight 2,7kg 4,1kg 5,5kg 5,0kg 6,4kg
*All products are supplied with included fluorescent lamps and SY 4mm2 cable and ATX plugs as standard

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